William Elvin Discography on Spotify and iTunes in November 2017

Hong Kong-based Filipino singer and songwriter William Elvin is set to release his discography on Spotify and iTunes in November 2017.

Watch: “Ang Sabi Nila” from “The Musicalienation of William Elvin”, available on Spotify and iTunes 

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“Sacred, Profane, Mundane”, the new 7-track album recorded in Hong Kong by his current music project William Elvin and the Circus Tour, and  “Happy Days Ahead: The Home Recordings”, a collection of his earlier recordings in Manila, Philippines, will be available for streaming in two of the world’s most popular music apps.

The two albums will join the 2013 release “Discontechnothiscontent: The Musicalienation of William Elvin”, which spawned cult hit “Ang Sabi Nila” and love ballad “10/23”, and 2014’s “Maxie: The Alboom”, a concept album featuring songs from the original musical “Maxie (Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros)” in William Elvin’s streaming discography.

William Elvin has gained a small cult following with his original theater musicals. Aside from the aforementioned “Maxie”, he also penned and composed several Philippine theater successes such as Blackbox Productions’ “Mula Sa Buwan” and Dulaang UP’s “Rizal X”. He now enjoys a quiet life in Hong Kong, continuing to self-produce various creative works.