Dr. Strangethoughts or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Embrace The Non-Art Day Job (Introduction)

Dear Fellow Struggling Artist,

Picture yourself just sitting at home, on a comfortable soft couch covered in smooth silk in your bohemian styled bungalow. You receive a call from one of your patrons (not clients, but patrons). He needs another piece of music. You ask him if he wants a certain, specific feel or theme or mood. He tells you to do whatever you like, to express yourself fully. Anything coming from a genius like you is what he needs. No instructions. No restrictions. Just pure, unadulterated work of art. You’ll receive a check of 250,000 dollars once you finish and deliver the piece.

Nice, eh? That’s an artist’s dream for you. We believe that our work is so valuable and important that we are entitled to be detached from the mundane grind of society, and just be nurtured to freely create whatever we want to grace the world with.

I still believe that my work in music and theatre is so valuable and important and that it deserves a bigger audience. I honestly still think that I should be paid to do nothing else but grace the world with my brilliant creativity, and somehow the world will be better if I am the global head of creative. But I am not achieving any of that, obviously. I understand that we may share the same egotistical frame of mind (don’t worry, most artists really do), and you may be suffering the same frustrations as I used to have.

We are forced to live in a world that expects us to be functional in their own terms. Our art, they say, should be nothing but a form of personal expression, or a high maintenance hobby. It should mean nothing to no one else but ourselves. We should be a cog in the system, if we want to survive being in it. Or else, we fall off the face of the earth not having the drive, passion, or energy for our craft. We become worthless. We fail.

So, how do we survive being thrown into this world that tells us to forget our dreams and comfortably fit in instead?

For the following weeks, I shall detail a game plan that would allow us to continue our craft by sneaking ourselves in and out of the world’s system from time to time.

I shall tell you stories of how I learned to stop worrying and embrace the non-art day job.

To be continued…

William’s Words Worth”,  William Elvin’s blog on artist’s problems and frustrations, will be posted every Thursday night here on http://www.williamelvinmusic.com 






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