Dr. Strangethoughts or: How I Stopped Worrying and Embraced The Non-Art Day Job – Part 1: The White Wall

My earliest memory of life is staring at a white wall when I was a little boy, maybe about 4 to 5 years old. I could still remember that first urge to splash the blank, white space with colors and vague silhouettes of how I my innocent eyes saw the world around me. It felt like a basic urge, much like how I wanted to eat, drink, and cry for attention.

That was exactly what I did with my first set of crayons. My mother said that I could only use the colorful, funny smelling, sticks on pieces of paper my dad would bring home from work. I tried to contain my visions on the pieces of paper, but the white wall was irresistible.  It was calling me to fill it up with my dreams, however I saw them. I did so little to resist the wall’s call.

Here are some of the things I remember drawing:

  1. A dog saying ‘Hello!’
  1. Stick figure of a boy.
  1. Stick figure of a girl.
  1. A rainbow between two fluffy clouds.
  1. A rough sketch of a 1 peso coin with an ugly face in place of Jose Rizal’s.
  1. An attempt to re-create the logo of ‘Eat Bulaga’.
  1. The Batman logo
  1. 2 hills with the sun peeking out in between.
  1. A coconut.
  1. Trucks, just like the ones parked outside our neighbor’s house.

I ran to my mom to show her my first attempt to express myself artistically. Needless to say, the rest of the day became bad for this boy who just wanted to splash some color into white blankness.

All I remember were angry faces, and loud voices hurled at me.

I never drew again. Not on the wall. Not on pieces of paper.

Apparently, they love white. And I can’t destroy the blankness.

To Be Continued…

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