Dr. Strangethoughts #3: Something For The School Girls

I wanted to impress the girls like most boys my age. In school, most of the girls screamed and swooned for the basketball players. They went crazy for them, especially when they paraded around in jerseys.

I tried to play that sport, but I never quite got the need to be physically competitive for something each of us can buy in the local SM mall. I mean, I liked shooting the ball from a distance, but risking my limb to get it from another guy is something I never got into. Needless to say, I sucked at it.

No girl wanted to cheer and swoon for a fat, pimply, eyeglasses wearing kid who can’t hustle a ball for a shot.

So, I picked up the guitar instead. This is a music instrument that I have studied when I was younger, but I never really felt the need to continue playing. That is until my realization of how powerful it can be to make the school girls faint due to strong emotion. I have observed [name omitted], one of the boys in the next classroom, get warm smiles and greetings from the girls by singing love songs with a guitar.

A strange thing happened, though. I began to feel disinterested in making the school girls notice me. The guitar made me want to write and sing my own words with it, regardless if they listen or not.

It began to own me. I became a slave to it. I had no choice but to write, pluck, and sing.

The school girls continued to loudly cheer for the basketball players, but I kept on playing the guitar alone, writing my own songs in the school corridors.

To be continued… 



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