Review for ‘Happy Days Ahead: The Home Recordings 2010/2011’: 

“Every song on this album showcased a beautiful new dimension, attitude or side of their style & sound and delivered sincere songwriting, passionate playing & genuine entertainment wall-to-wall.”

Sleeping Bag Studios 

“This band thrived on unconstrained improvisation, which allowed their creativity to flow. Hence their songs feels so comfortable and unforced, from the arrangements to the melodies, each of these songs feel just right the way it is, and even in 2017, many of these songs would give the current wave of indie bands a run for their money. ”

Jamsphere Magazine


Reviews for ’10/23′:

“10/23” is a reflective tune that looks inward to the special-bond between two people in love for its ultimate solutions.  A song that echoes that feeling of ‘us vs. them’ – but a song that’s offering an even better resolution that’s more akin to a ‘you do you and we’ll do us’ kind of attitude…musings on what love could be like if left untainted by the outside world around them.

–  Sleeping Bag Studios

“Filipino troubadour William Elvin’s challenge to revise and redeploy means that the track, for all its quiet confessions, is ultimately far more poignant and sonically unpredictable than anybody wants to admit. ’10/23’s musical path is so carefully tread that the record seems at times almost poshly eloquent.
William Elvin has the rare gift of poetic vocals, and what I mean by that is everything he sings sounds like a masterfully composed metaphor because he’s the one singing it.”

Jamsphere Magazine

“At its core, ‘10/23’ is a love ballad, the type of song I probably get across my desk most often from singer songwriters with a folksy vibe like this. Elvin’s performance is a moving one, though, and that places it on a different level than its counterparts.”

Brett David Stewart

Reviews for ‘But I Love No One But You’:

William Elvin is very adept at taking every day raw emotion, feelings that may rip through every one of us, and simplifying it without losing its power.”

” There are only a few writers in the world that can validate your emotion, any emotion, and not sound corny. William Elvin is one of them.”

–  Jamsphere Magazine

“But I Love No One But You” is a melancholy beauty – but a beauty all the same.  I really dig genuine emotion in music, and this song has plenty of it.  Whomever Elvin has written this song for…he’s really laid it all on the line here…it’s part explanation, part apology and part justification – and for an intimate acoustically-based song, these feelings and thoughts of his radiate an exceptional amount of beauty in the mix of complexity in the emotions and unassuming nature of the music.  Beautiful!

Sleeping Bag Studios


Reviews for the music of “Mula Sa Buwan” (2016/2017): 

“…once it settles on the love triangle of Roxane, Christian and Cyrano, the musical shines, especially with the tender ballads of composer William Elvin Manzano…”


“…the biggest round of applause for me should go to Pat Valera and William Elvin Manzano who both worked on the material (music and lyrics).”

GMA Network News

“It’s  hard to resist the charms of ‘Mula sa Buwan,’ Pat Valera and William Elvin Manzano’s musical adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s ‘Cyrano de Bergerac.’ ”

– Philippine Daily Inquirer

Reviews for “Maxie: The Musical” (2013) 

The music of “Maxie the Musical” is appropriate for the stage and radio-friendly at the same time, theatrical but authentic — a rare feat for local musicals.


“…the music and lyrics took it to the next level of artistry. The lyrics were poetry, and the music was a combination of pop and rock, and a twist of rap – the “Manila sound” of this generation and Maxie’s.”

GMA Network News

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