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Listen to different views and perspectives about culture, arts, and entertainment. The Circus Radio is hosted by William Elvin, featuring guests and resource persons to talk about music, theater, films, and other forms of art.

Episode 2: Happy Days Behind/Beyond with Alden Acosta

In 2010, Alden Acosta left a high-profile, lucrative rockstar life with OPM band Callalily to join me in forming an indie project called “Happy Days Ahead”. After only 2 years, the project turned out to be a big failure that left him without a visible career in music until his recent resurgence with pop-rock band Let Gravity. We talk about the emotional ups and downs of Happy Days Ahead’s failures and small successes and how it affected our lives and friendship. 100% raw and uncensored, this is a soul-baring episode of The Circus Radio.

Episode 1: Mula Sa Buwan with Pat Valera

For the first episode of The Circus Radio, William Elvin sits down with his co-lyricist and the director of the original Filipino musical “Mula Sa Buwan”. Listen to behind the scenes stories and insight as to how the musical went from concept, to paper, into the stage, and into your hearts!

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