The Artist


William Elvin and the Circus Tour is the creative project of Hong Kong-based Filipino singer-songwriter and performance artist William Elvin Manzano. Having written a number of original theater productions in his hometown of Manila, William Elvin is now offering his personal, introspective work that paints a musical picture of a journey from loneliness and depression to self-discovery.

Featured Musicians: 

(Hong Kong)

Saturn Tiamson – Drums

Rico Cristobal Jr. – Bass

Joseph Hermoza – Guitars

Dan Cristobal – Drums

Andrea Charity Battad – Guitar

Lloyd Yamid – Drums

Matt Mateo – Guitars

(Manila, Philippines) 

Alden Acosta – Guitars, Drums

Rigil Borromeo – Guitars

Allen Mamaid – Bass

J Victor Villareal – Keyboards

Jonah Ruiz – Drums

Marvin Lorenzo Datar – Drums

Dana Marquez – Keyboards

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